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Padraica's Cluttered Desk

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Padraica Yatsenko

Joined: 07 Feb 2008
Posts: 75

PostPosted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 6:37 pm    Post subject: Padraica's Cluttered Desk Reply with quote

Rayati ladies,

Such a mess this desk is! I have to clear it off so I can safely stow it in my purse before my move to the Yeek (isn't it odd? going *to* the Yeek when I could stay frozen to the ground in the wilds of Canada?)

That said, I have a few snaps from a VERY surprise birthday party the girls threw me in Virtualia the other day. Commander built a skybox barn, complete with posters of blondies and cars, and then supplied *more* blondies and a CADDY! My only regret is that I couldn't stay at the party longer, but never fret - we'll get some good use out of that barn yet!

I was greeted by an army of friends all dressed in green - my favourite colour - and Miss Rita Hayworth behind the bar. To give you an example of how dim I can be... earlier that day I saw Commander, and she was creating some of the particle emitter props right in front of me! Seeing little Miss Hayworths and snaps of my dear Baba and I floating about the Embie should have tipped me off, but I thought Commander was just being sweet and complimentary, as she always is.

So, to clear off my desk...

Have a guzz at what awaited me when I stumbled into Virtualia a full week ahead of my birthday! (From left: Miss Sushuri Madonna, Miss Beatrice Liebling, Miss Calista Elytis and Miss Adele Poppy.)

The company quickly divided itself into dancing couples - it is as common as a reverence or handshake among us, after all! A dashing Lt. Cmdr. Strauss and beautiful Miss Calista Elytis do a sweeping tango across the sweetly-scented new pine dance floor.

Here's a wider shot of the beeyewtiful barn! At the far end is a card from Miss Elytis of Miss Eva Peron (one of my heroines); Lt. Cmdr. Strauss and Miss Elytis, and myself and Miss Liebling having a leisurely waltz.

My blonde (Miss Liebling) and myself in deep conversation and contemplation of my advanced age.

A Mushroom and I have a lindy. That's my favourite dance with my little sister - her Loli skirts are always so twirly!

"May I call you Paddy?" Miss Hayworth, you can call me anything you want, so long as you don't call me late for dinner.

Miss Poppy and Miss Liebling give us a display of how a rather energetic salsa is done in constrictive blonde finery. Closely-watching brunettes took plenty of photographs for further study.

Zippy crew, aren't we?

A dance with champion tankoist Miss Poppy. My sister can do the most champion high kicks in the worlds - even in such a delightful yet confining confection of fabric and frills (which she made herself, of course!)


And there you have it! My desk is loads cleaner now, but watch for more to come!
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Padraica Yatsenko

Joined: 07 Feb 2008
Posts: 75

PostPosted: Fri Aug 29, 2008 10:51 am    Post subject: Musings from the Yeek Reply with quote

I do believe I'll begin to diarise on some of the things I've found in the Yeek which some North American maids who have never been abroad may have missed in Aristasian discourse.

It struck me, when I visited this past spring, that there really are some things I couldn't comprehend before coming. The Yellow Peril, for instance... it was completely foreign to me.

In Saskatchewan, the fire engines are mainly red, the police cars are all black or white Crown Victorias and law enforcement types wear dark uniforms adorned in various paramilitary paraphernalia.

In the Yeek, the fire engines are screaming fluorescent yellow, the police cars are shapeless blobs striped like lurid zebras and law officials are constantly clad in similar vestments as their cars.

The one thing they have in common in regards to Yellow Peril are hideous tennis balls. I'm sure that's common wherever one is, though.

The Yellow Peril, of course, only refers to the outward manifestation of bongo law (omitting "and order" only because there doesn't seem to be much.) Why shouldn't a chaotic system of laws, in an attempt to uphold itself, remain in chaos? And why shouldn't a society, in no attempt to uphold itself, pay as little attention to its laws and take them as lightly as they take themselves?

I now understand the Yellow Peril to some degree. Commander pointed out that it would not affect me as it would Aristasians of a certain body-age living in the Yeek, but I can mechanically understand what it represents and I have now seen it first-hand.

To me, a police car is a long, low, white (or black, for traffic coppers,) vehicle with a discreet RCMP or City Police logo on the side and small cherries atop, more often than not unlit. Police officers are black-clad figures mostly on foot or on bicycle, stopping for cups of coffee in locally-owned shops and chatting with the folks with whom they'll share a cramped table during busy times. Fire fighters do have fluorescents, but only for night-time roadside assistance and training drills. The highway and rural RCMP still maintain the practice of lighting roadside flares and manually directing traffic at the scene of an accident.

It's not perfect. It's still bongo and - dare I say - a redneck place to be. I maintain, though, that in my Tellurian experience they are still preferable to a siren-howling, blinding-light flashing, fluorescent blob of hysteria and chaos on four wheels.

If a North American maid reflects on her local "law enforcement", what images can she recall? How does it make her feel in comparison to how she perceived the Yellow Peril and what it symbolises before she visited or lived in the Yeek? Or, if she has never been, what could she hope to gain by knowing first-hand?
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