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Proper Introductions

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Sylvia Ruger

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PostPosted: Sun Jun 15, 2008 2:32 am    Post subject: Proper Introductions Reply with quote

In the meantime….
After walking in the imposing doors Mistress Baines turned to another austere older lady. “Rayati Headmistress, we have two new students for you.” “Indeed two more Estrennes I deduce, however Miss Unity Lapham I was expecting, the other girl…” “She seems very full of herself Ma’am, Miss Katrin is her name.” “Oh indeed right, ok young misses have a seat… Oh Miss Dianne is that for me?” The Headmistress said to an older student, and another Estrenne, from her dress from the Eastern Reaches or even be from Amazonia. After introductions the other Brunette sat down and Miss Dianne hurried off. Miss Maitland then turned to the three of them, and mentioned for Miss Unity to follow her and wait.
“Rayati young Miss.” “Rayati, I am Miss Rayelina, you are new here?” “Indeed, I am Miss Vira I look forward to seeing you in class. You don’t happen to know where the Water Closet is do you?” “No Miss Vira…” “Oh ok well I will look for it myself, can’t be too far.” She got up and brushed down her traveling skirts and with her valiase in hand started to wander around the first floor.
The exploration of the first floor was quickly ended when she ran into a young attractive Brunette who had a up-to-date cigarette holder. “Rayati Honored Miss, could you tell me where the Water Closet is?” The lady looked down at Katrin, and seeing a very petite pet assumed another student, but obviously older. “Oh Rayati I am Miss Camille, a guest of this estate, are you a new student?” “Oh Rayati Miss Camille, sorry no I am Miss Katrin Vira, not a student at all but an instructress, well that is once I am settled in, seems like everyone here is a bit daft, why do I look like a student?” “Well here in the Westrenne parts Brunettes are usually taller than the Blondes, you are Estrenne I take it?” “Oh yes my mama has an estate just west of the Wilderwald along the Wilderflusse er River Wilder.” “That would put you in Arcadia somewhere east of Loveton then”, she said taking a puff on the cigarette, “The Water Closet, as you call it is down the hall to the left, nice meeting you Miss Katrin. Rayati.” “Rayati Miss Camille.” After giving a small reverence, Katrin headed to the water closet.
Coming out of the privy Katrin, was looking the wrong way when a older lady nearly slammed into her, however although the two did not actually collide a small specimen tube slipped from the stack of apparatus the other lady was carrying. “Rayati Honored Miss, I am so sorry…” “Watch yourself you clumsy, why are you not in class?” “I was going to see the Headmistress, I am newly arrived, oh I am Miss Vira, and you are?” “Mistress Chester, what is your given name young Miss Vira?” “Oh I guess it is ok, I am Miss Katrin then, and you are?” “Mistress Chester are you daft, I told you that I am the Applied Metaphysics instructress, will you be in my class?” “Oh I did well enough in Applied Metaphysics in my old school, but no I have my course work already laid out…”
“Are you new? Of course you must, where did you last attend school? Miss Katrin?” “Oh at the Royal Academy…..” “The Arcadian Royal Academy has a prep school?” “No Miss Chester, not that I am aware of, I went to a proper Raihalian school….” “I see so besides being a klutz you are also an embellisher of the truth it seems…” “I beg your pardon Miss Chester….” “Well I will humor you, so what was your focus?” “Ancient Cairen History with a minor focus in Topography.” “Really?” Miss Chester was definitely intrigued the fantasy this young trouble making Brunette was weaving seemed very detailed. She decided to humor her and treat her like a maid over the age of majority. “So Miss Vira, who was your Instructress on Cartography?” “Oh that would be Miss Del Rio, she was very strict.” “Indeed, I remember… wait a minute, how old are you Miss Vira?” “Is that proper question to ask Miss Chester, but if you must know I am able to petition the Ducal council…” “Then you are not a student Miss Vira?” “Dea’s grace no, I was requested, well my Mama is a old schoolmate of Mistress Maitland and …..” “We need a History Instuctress since Miss Youncel took the post at Milchford, you do know more than just Cairen right?” “Oh I have the normal breath of classes for my focus Miss Chester. What classes do you teach?”
Miss Chester, looked down on Katrin, wow ok I can see it, but under all those layers hard to tell she is a maid and not a young miss, “Oh Metaphysics, mostly applied although some theory for the older girls, I only teach Brunettes, as well you know.” Katrin looked at the smashed specimen tube on the floor, “Yes a Blonde with specimen tube and crucible could be hazardous to all around, I however will be instructing all the students?” “I believe so, the school is still small….” “Right well I will be sharing a room with you….” “I don’t think so I have a small Hestia down the road, Miss Baines must have put you up with one of the students…” Miss Chester shifted the items in her hand, “hmm Miss Katrin could you do me a favor and help clean that up, by the way I am Miss Elizabeth.” The two maids quickly cleaned up the mess “Now let us be off to the Headmistress, I will walk with you Miss Vira, just to forestall any other misunderstandings.”
The two instructresses walk down the hall , past the same Estrenne maid, who quickly gave reverence to Miss Chester and scampered off, to the gilded door that has a simple plaque nailed next to it that read: Head Mistress C. Maitland, knock once and wait to be called. Miss Chester knocked on the door “Yes?” “Pardon Headmistress, are you busy?” Both of the instructresses give proper reverence, “Oh not that busy Miss Chester…” She sees the diminutive form of Katrin and glowered slightly “I see you are not teaching what did this young Miss do besides get up from the waiting bench without permission?” Head Mistress….” “You will wait until you are addressed, now I see we have another troublesome transfer student, please go ahead Miss Chester…” “I found Miss Vira coming out of the first floor adult Privy, well we actually collided, or almost did.” “Head Mistress….” “I told you to be quiet young Miss…wait your name is Miss Vira?” “Yes Head Mistress, Miss Chester was kind enough to escort me to your office….” “I see, hmm I can see the semblance how is Miss Kirstin doing?” “Uh, Mama is doing well, we have a modest estate off the Wilder.” “Oh indeed, yes oh Miss Chester please gather up the others to include Miss Ranfield and let them know we have a faculty meeting tonight after the last course of instruction.” She waited for the Metaphysics Instructress leave. “Oh do have a seat, I shant bite too hard.” She waited for Katrin to sit down.
“Now, I can see why some maids would be mistaken, you are very young for an instructress, by the way congratulations on the honors you received, and although not my forte, your piece on the Outland wars is very good, if a bit dull.” “Thank you Head Mistress, current Arkadyni scholarship tends to be to the point with less embellishment.” “Yes well some of the more traditional Novarians will not like it, and compared to more Westrenne thought not enough imagery. “ She leaned over and took a sip from her cup of tea. “Oh would you like a cup?” “Yes Please Head Mistress.” “Very good,” She pulled a rope and a distant bell rang, a few seconds later a knock on the door was heard. “Ah yes Miss Lynn could you get me another cup of tea, and one for Miss Vira as well?” “Yes Head Mistress”, a soft voice was heard then the sound of slippered feet rushing off. A few minutes later another knock was followed by a young Blonde servant entering the room, she first offered a fresh cup of tea to Miss Maitland and then followed with the same to Miss Vira, giving the young maid a quizzical look, like what is this girl doing having tea with the Head Mistress. She then departed. “We must get you out of that traveling cloak, I assume you have proper attire for a maid of your age?” “Yes Head Mistress, but seemed that I was whisked away before I could settle in.” “Indeed, well your small stature, especially for a Meleni will cause some confusion, or shall we say more?” “I understand Head Mistress, when do I start?” “Oh yes, the reason you are here, hmm Tomorrow first hour after lunch?” “How many students will I have?” “Right now we have about a dozen total, and unlike Miss Chester’s subject, a Cheleni cannot hurt herself unless she falls out of her seat or bumps her head on her desk.” “Yes Head Mistress, even Meleni are prone to those types of accidents, from time to time. However I try to keep the lecture to a minimum, I am also…” “Yes well versed in Topography, why do you not start there, we have all levels at the moment.” “That will work I have enough material to cover all of the provinces, well as much as any maid on Amazonia.” “Very good, barring anymore misunderstandings, welcome to Avendale Miss Vira.” Seeing that last comment was meant as a dismissal, Katrin stood up gave a proper reverence and departed. On her way out she saw Miss Chester coming back to the small office, “Rayati Miss Chester…”
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