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Kids underfoot!

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Padraica Yatsenko

Joined: 07 Feb 2008
Posts: 75

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2008 8:58 pm    Post subject: Kids underfoot! Reply with quote

Rayelina watched her luggage be tucked away up the stairs and clutched a bit nervously at her bag, biting lightly on her lip. She was about to open the door to the room where the maid had told her her first class, Literature with Miss Ranfield, was all ready in session, when Miss Diana Parks came almost flying out of the improvised-classroom...

As Diana turned her back on the door, she turned and found herself nearly treading on yet another small Estrenne. Rayelina had just been about to enter the classroom and would have fallen as the bigger girl ran straight into her. Rayelina opened her mouth to cry out, for Diana had stepped square on her foot.

"Shh!" Diana instructed, steadying the girl with her hand. "Miss Ranfield is in full swing," she whispered. These kids! They always pop up when a girl is at her worst.

The smaller girl looked at her in desperation, and Diana hastily stepped away, freeing her crushed toes. Rayelina winced as she rubbed her foot against the back of her leg, looking extraordinarily uncomfortable.

Of course, Diana thought, I shouldn't give such a bad impression to all of these Estrennes. She made a small reverence and whispered, "Rayati, Rayelina-chei. I hope you had a pleasant journey."

"Rayati, Miss Diana. Should I be disturbing the class?" Rayelina’s reverence was deeper - and there was that “Miss Diana” business again. I’m just so beastly tall - I’ll have to stop growing, thought Diana desperately.

"Just wait for a decent interval, if you can hear anything through these massive doors. This one nearly took a bite out of my skirt." Diana remembered the folder in her hand, which reminded her of why she left, which reminded her of...

This won't do, she thought. I must feed myself or swoon from starvation. Better than over some blonde, no matter how charming, talented, pretty...

Rayelina inspected Diana during her brief, momentary pause. She was acting very strange, but Diana always seemed a trifle clumsy. Nevertheless, she appeared to be a bit troubled.

"Diana, I have not yet greeted Miss Maitland. Were you taking that folder to her?" Perhaps she would stop staring at it if she had something to do or somewhere to go.

"Oh. Er, yes, I was. Come with me," Diana said a little more composedly and much more like her old self. Rayelina trotted after her as the big brunette strode down the hall to the stairs.

"Were you instructed to see the Mistress?" Diana enquired as they descended the staircase - slowly, because Rayelina was struggling with an enormous garment bag that had belonged to her brunette mother.

"No, but I thought it would be proper, seeing as I have arrived late." Rayelina surrendered her enormous bag to the older girl, who had silently held out her hand for it. Really, Diana thought, these Estrenne brunettes are too small to even handle their own bags properly. No wonder a pette always seems to have them underfoot.

As they reached the bottom of the stairs, Diana spotted Miss Maitland, the Headmistress, at the door. She had a new blonde and new brunette student under her firm gaze, but turned as she heard the two girls stop in step at a respectful distance. She directed the new girls to the bench that stood against the wall outside her office and stepped forward to greet her charges.

“Another late arrival, Diana?” The Headmistress was always brusque, but Diana had seen great kindness in her large brown eyes even in spots of trouble.

“Rayati, ma'am. Yes, ma’am. Rayelina Setsuko-chei, may I present Miss Maitland, our Headmistress.” Diana made deep reverence to the Headmistress, as did the tiny brunette beside her.

Miss Maitland had spotted the folder, and held out her hand for it. Stepping briskly forward, Diana handed it to her, trying not to let her hand shake. Really, she was terribly hungry.

“You are excused from class, Diana; you are terribly pale. Please report straight to your dormitory room and I shall have Dorothea bring you something to eat shortly.” The little blonde maid nearby curtseyed at a glance and bustled away to the kitchens.

“Yes, ma’am. Thank you, ma’am,” Diana murmured.

“That will be all, girls. Rayati.” She turned back to the new girls, motioning the blonde first into her office.
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Padraica Yatsenko

Joined: 07 Feb 2008
Posts: 75

PostPosted: Fri May 30, 2008 9:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Diana lay on her bed, picking at the maple buns and cheese the maid had provided. She was still inwardly scoffing at herself for being such a silly thing.

Hunger and blondes. “Pestilential,” she spoke aloud without meaning to.

“Are you referring to the filth you’ve strewn all over this room already, Diana?” Beatrice strode in, ready to tease her friend mercilessly for her earlier performance, having glimpsed the angelic Harriet across the room and divined a method to cheer Diana out of her slump.

“Oh, that too.” Diana was thoroughly ashamed of this lapse from her usual tidy self. Her dirty gloves and hat were on Beatrice’s nightstand, and her school cardigan lay sadly on the floor beneath the chair onto which it had been thrown.

Beatrice studied her friend, who had some colour back in her cheeks but bore the most morose expression. The letter entrusted to her by Lady Camille seemed to burn hot in her hand, as though it wished to reveal itself, but Beatrice tucked it into her literature notes and struggled not to betray her own thoughts.

“You’ve had something to eat now, but you’re still steeped in some sort of misery.” Beatrice couldn’t resist tickling a weak spot of Diana’s character: “I’ll bet it’s a blonde. Diana’s in looove.”

Diana’s response was to lie flat on her face and groan in a most unladylike fashion.

“It *is*,” gasped Beatrice mockingly, unaware that this wasn’t their usual play-acting.

“No, iss not,” came the muffled reply.

“Oh, but it *must* be,” teased Beatrice, “and I’m popping off to tell Harriet right away!”

“Oh, go on, then,” Diana feebly waved her hand at Beatrice, letting it fall over the side of the bed.

Something in her voice made Beatrice hesitate. A jinky Diana would have pretended to weep and sigh over her poor fortune, or lack of courage, or some other rubbish. “Merciful Dea, Diana. No wonder you won’t show your face!”

The response was a flying pillow with a swift counter-attack from the same, caught in mid-air. Both girls were silent, though, in a moment of awkwardness they had never felt.

Diana cleared her throat. "Beatrice, didn't you mention some new sheet music on the way to Literature?"

Beatrice smoothed her hair, immediately relieved that Diana seemed at least *somewhat* normal again. "Oh yes, I did. Won't you come along and accompany me after lunch?"

With things back on their normal footing, Diana suddenly felt herself hungry again. The two girls chattered about the new music as they tidied themselves - and the room - and went down to lunch - blondes and letters quite forgotten for the moment.
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