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Hestia-Unification-Business Discussion

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Mengxia Yu
Contributy supermaiden

Joined: 07 Feb 2008
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:09 pm    Post subject: Hestia-Unification-Business Discussion Reply with quote

You all remember our discussion about unifying our various money-making projects in one business? Well, if not, here it is!

[14:18] Jullianna Juliesse: Here is an idea. . . an Aristasian shoppe. Jewelry by Miss Yu, books from the FPC, up-to-date clothing and music, a whole lifestyle branding.
[14:19] Sushuri Madonna: Hmm - that sounds like a good idea
[14:19] Mengxia Yumako: We need a catchy brand name that would catch the attention of others besides Aristasia.
[14:19] Jullianna Juliesse: I think FPC should link to Miss Yu, and vice versa. All the various ventures should be intergrated for cross-promotion.
[14:19] Sushuri Madonna: Yes
[14:20] Jullianna Juliesse: Let me noodle that. This is my area of expertise.
[14:20] Mengxia Yumako: For example, the clothing style that trendy Muslim girls wear is called "modesty chic".
[14:21] Sushuri Madonna: Oh that is a good branding - modesty chic
[14:21] Jullianna Juliesse: We should have a brainstorming session. . .
[14:21] Jullianna Juliesse: We need to think about what we want to convey
[14:22] Jullianna Juliesse: "Miss Adore-able."
[14:22] Sushuri Madonna: Yes - that has been the hard part
[14:23] Jullianna Juliesse: Another fun shoppe name could be "tango sisters."
[14:23] Mengxia Yumako: What about Tanko Sisters?
[14:23] Mengxia Yumako: A sly Aristasia reference.
[14:24] Jullianna Juliesse: Not sure if outlanders would get the joke.
[14:24] Sushuri Madonna: heehee
[14:24] Sushuri Madonna: They wouldn't
[14:24] Mengxia Yumako: Nope.
[14:24] Mengxia Yumako: So, why Tango Sisters?
[14:24] Jullianna Juliesse: Reference to another time, sisters for our emphasis on girls.
[14:25] Jullianna Juliesse: I think we can do this as a college exercise.
[14:25] Jullianna Juliesse: Aristasian Marketing 101.
[14:25] Jullianna Juliesse: I would be happy to lead using the methodology I learned at school.
[14:25] Jullianna Juliesse: It is a group work project.
[14:25] Sushuri Madonna: We really need to learn something about marketing
[14:26] Jullianna Juliesse: We can do a prototyping session. I would love to teach you what I learned!
[14:26] Sushuri Madonna: Oh yes.
[14:27] Jullianna Juliesse: It takes several meetings.
[14:27] Jullianna Juliesse: The first is a brainstorming session.
[14:27] Jullianna Juliesse: The session is a distilling of the comments.
[14:27] Jullianna Juliesse: The third is creating a simple prototype of one idea.
[14:27] Jullianna Juliesse: It really keeps one focused. I use it ALL the time.
[14:28] Jullianna Juliesse: I shall leave this idea for our P.S.
[14:28] Jullianna Juliesse: and her wise consideration.
[14:28] PhoebeJoya Pearl: Hee hee
[14:28] Sushuri Madonna: Yes
[14:28] Mengxia Yumako: I can propose it at the SCR Committee meeting.
[14:28] Jullianna Juliesse: However, having as many girls participate as possible will bring in multiple viewpoints and ideas. And gain the buy-in of all.
[14:28] Jullianna Juliesse: Thank you, Ma'am.
[14:29] Sushuri Madonna: I have been meaning to write a little report on the strategy - problems and opportunities - as I see them
[14:29] Sushuri Madonna: Maybe I should do that.
[14:29] Jullianna Juliesse: I do think that bringing all our endeavors under one brand is the best idea.
[14:29] Mengxia Yumako: I am trying to think of up-to-date things that Tellurians all know about. The only things that are coming to mind are prohibition, absinthe, and stockings.
[14:29] Jullianna Juliesse: Someone who buys a necklace may like a book.
[14:29] Mengxia Yumako: True!
[14:30] Jullianna Juliesse: Someone who visits the FPC may be fascinated by your ultra-feminine designs.
[14:30] Jullianna Juliesse: There may be other girls with products we approve of that want to ally with us.
[14:30] Sushuri Madonna: Yes.
[14:30] PhoebeJoya Pearl: Seems to me something that will need lots of consideration
[14:31] Jullianna Juliesse: This type of thing can fund the first Culverian hestia!
[14:31] Mati Kira: Could we sell stockings? I personally can't find them anywhere.
[14:31] Jullianna Juliesse: We can find a manufacturer who wants to link to us.
[14:31] Sushuri Madonna: Aristasians used to have a whole stocking company - New Lady Nylons
[14:31] Mengxia Yumako:
[14:32] Jullianna Juliesse: Affiliate marketing, it is called.
[14:32] Mengxia Yumako: I buy all my stockings there, Miss Kira.
[14:32] Mengxia Yumako: And I think they have the stocking market pretty much cornered.
[14:32] Mati Kira: Thank you so much.
[14:32] Jullianna Juliesse: Well then ,we now have a third product.
[14:32] Mati Kira: Except that many Maids do not know where to look.
[14:32] Jullianna Juliesse: Gloves?
[14:33] Jullianna Juliesse: Hats?
[14:33] Mengxia Yumako: Gloves and hats, definitely!
[14:33] Jullianna Juliesse: Notepaper?
[14:33] Jullianna Juliesse: Fountain pens?
[14:33] Mengxia Yumako: I always have a hard time finding both.
[14:33] Mati Kira: Calling cards.
[14:33] Jullianna Juliesse: We can also have an Elektrabay store for our finds that have crossed the Iron Curtain.
[14:34] Jullianna Juliesse: See what fun this is!
[14:34] PhoebeJoya Pearl: Canes and Tawsies
[14:34] Mati Kira: Real hankies.
[14:34] Jullianna Juliesse: Not sure. . . what does everyone else think?
[14:34] Mengxia Yumako: I am not so sure about those.
[14:35] Mengxia Yumako: They will turn many people off right away.
[14:35] Mati Kira: Probably don't want to emphasize that.
[14:35] Jullianna Juliesse: Hankies definitely. We are trying to create a girlie girl ladylike ambience.
[14:35] Jullianna Juliesse: Knitting patterns.
[14:36] Jullianna Juliesse: Vintage patterns.
[14:36] Mengxia Yumako: I am wondering if we could reference speakeasies in the name. They are portrayed as daring and fun, but not actually bad.
[14:36] Mengxia Yumako: And "retro".
[14:36] Jullianna Juliesse: The name would be one brainstorm session.
[14:36] Jullianna Juliesse: That ties with the branding.
[14:37] Jullianna Juliesse: The products would be another.
[14:37] Mengxia Yumako: Ah.
[14:37] Jullianna Juliesse: Subsequent sessions would focus on the strategy for execution.
[14:38] Jullianna Juliesse: The best idea is to start small, and add on. . . but to stay true to your branding.
[14:38] Mengxia Yumako: Stationery items would be good.
[14:38] Mati Kira: Each of us might be interested in one particular product and be responsible for that line.
[14:39] Mengxia Yumako: Like you suggested--paper, envelopes, maybe fountain pens. Maybe seals and wax.
[14:39] Jullianna Juliesse: Think of shipping costs too.
[14:39] PhoebeJoya Pearl: why dont we have an area on the fora for giving links of sites that sell these things
[14:39] Jullianna Juliesse: Wrapping papers.
[14:39] Mati Kira: Handmade wrapping papers
[14:39] Mengxia Yumako: Tea!
[14:39] Sushuri Madonna: Yes - tea!
[14:40] Mati Kira: Aprons
[14:40] PhoebeJoya Pearl: Bloomers
[14:40] PhoebeJoya Pearl: hee hee
[14:40] Mengxia Yumako: Aprons, yes!
[14:40] Mengxia Yumako: Actually, Lolitas would buy bloomers from us.
[14:41] Sushuri Madonna: Ooh - I wonder if we could get a Lolita market
[14:41] Mengxia Yumako: I am certain we could. I know all about the style--though I am not sure how ladylike some of them actually are.
[14:41] Mengxia Yumako: I have met some really Pittish Lolitas.
[14:43] Sushuri Madonna: Oh dear
[14:43] Mengxia Yumako: But I could definitely make bloomers, headpieces, and things; maybe even dresses.
[14:43] Jullianna Juliesse: I am sorry if I am bopping in and out. Mother needs my help/
[14:43] PhoebeJoya Pearl: How about the old sytle nighties
[14:43] Mati Kira: I sew also
[14:43] Sushuri Madonna: Of course
[14:43] Jullianna Juliesse: Meimei, can you save this conversation for our notes.
[14:43] PhoebeJoya Pearl: pure cotton
[14:43] Mati Kira: Silk too.
[14:43] Sushuri Madonna: Oh I need to go for a bit
[14:43] Mengxia Yumako: Yes, I can.
[14:43] Mengxia Yumako: Oh, nighties would be good!
[14:43] Sushuri Madonna: I should be back later
[14:44] Jullianna Juliesse: Thank you. I should go too, but will be back later.
[14:44] Mati Kira: Silk bloomers.
[14:44] Jullianna Juliesse: Rayati for now.
Sai Saraswati Public Library: Your on-the-ground library in Telluria.
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Mengxia Yu
Contributy supermaiden

Joined: 07 Feb 2008
Posts: 435
Location: Arkadya

PostPosted: Sat Apr 18, 2009 11:11 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

And as for the brainstorming on my part, here are some businesses I think we could possibly look to for ideas as how to structure this thing.
Sai Saraswati Public Library: Your on-the-ground library in Telluria.
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Minami Kohime

Joined: 10 Feb 2008
Posts: 39

PostPosted: Sun Apr 19, 2009 1:08 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I happen to own a few "Gothic and Lolita Bible" magazines. They are full of various styles and one of them specifically teaches how to sew a few models and give guides to making them. I bought them in hopes I could start my own Lolita market shoppe, but seems they can be used in a greater context. I would be very happy to participate in this part, since this seems to be the only aspect discussed I know a bit more about. And, yes, although there are some pittish designs, there are some others that are so lovely that can't be left out.
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