Aristasia - the Feminine Empire

Aristasia was formerly an Earthly name of the great Herthelan Feminine Empire, and of the earthly community of girls who were loyal to that Empire and wanted to live on earth according to Aristasian ways.

The intellectuality of the Motherland created a huge impact on various groups of people. This was a way of life and a philosophy quite different from anything known on earth, at least in the West. Some groups were taken with its religion, others with its social philosophy. Some interpreted its tenets of perfect Order and Harmony as implying physical discipline. Some of these groups called themselves Aristasian, and others did not. Some included men, which of course would be alien to the Motherland.

Various movements drew inspiration from Aristasia, and some called themselves "Aristasian" or were confused with Aristasians because they had adopted elements of Aristasian philosophy.

It should be understood that Aristasia is not itself a Motherland name, but was invented in Telluria (earth). Loyalty to the Motherland neither begun nor ended with the name Aristasia, and certainly has nothing to do with politics, "discipline" or any of the other things that some people came to associate with the Aristasia name.

The test of loyalty to the Motherland has always been loyalty to the Flag, to the Empress and to the ideals of innocence, purity, goodness and harmony. These values are currently maintained at Shining World.
Where to find Aristasia:
There is no current Aristasia community. However loyalty to the Motherland is maintained by the

The following heritage sites represent Aristasia as it was:

Aristasia Info
The earliest surviving Aristasian site. No longer active but maintained as a heritage site. Some links seem to be broken.

Aristasia Forums
Aristasia Forums 2
Aristasia discussion forums. No longer active but maintained as heritage information.